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BleachExile Rules and FAQ ~Please Read First!

Bleach Exile Rules - Please Read


The Staff of this board reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to reject, refuse the ability to post, or remove any posts by members, or to restrict, suspend, or terminate any members access to all or any section(s) of these forums, and/or services at anytime, for any reason, with or without prior notice.

Please note that we reserve the right to log your IP, watch and observe your online activity, delete your account, ban your account, ban your IP from our site, delete or edit your posts to how we see fit.

Contacting Staff & Reporting Posts to Moderators:

When contacting Staff Members through email, please include the following information -

a. Include in the subject that the email is in reference to Bleach Exile
b. Username
c. Email Address

Any email received with out this information will be directed to read this announcement.

When using the report post to moderator option, please include a reasonable description for why you are reporting the thread/post.

That you do not agree with the person's opinion or, that you do not like them is not an acceptable reason. This feature is in place to allow users to report things a Mod may not have seen. It is not to be used for personal issues between users [unless directed by the Staff otherwise].

Signature Rules & Guidelines:

All signatures in whole [including image and text] should be no larger then 250 pixels in height, 425 pixels in width. This works out to around 2.5 inches in height, and 4 inches in width.

In addition we ask that Members refrain from using bitmap. and other large file types for their signature images. They are slow to load, even for those on high speed connections. So please stick to jpg, gif, png, and other such file types.

The use of a signature which does not comply with these rules could result in:

a. Warning from Moderators/Admins
b. The removal of the signature image by an Admin.
c. Infractions
d. Loss of access to the signature feature.

All users should be aware that the staff of this board maintains the right, to at anytime and with out a warning, and/or the consent of the Member to remove any image deemed to be - inappropriate, offensive, inflammatory, sexually graphic or explicit, propaganda based, discriminatory, and/or racist.

This applies to signature images, avatars, uploaded images, posted links, and/or posted images. The decisions made by the Staff of this board are final, and not up for argument.

Bannable Offenses:

The following is a list of actions that will result in the banning of a Member. You do NOT need to receive a warning before you are banned. Ignorance to the rules is not an excuse, or a reason for a Member not to be banned. The rules are clearly posted for all Members to read, and it is not the Staff’s responsibility to make sure they have done so.

I - Disallowed Images

Posting of pictures as an image, attachment, link, html address, and/or in any other form of:

a - Pornography [including cartoon images]

b - Of disturbing, or graphic nature [i.e. - tubgirl, goatse, and others of this type]

As stated above the staff reserves the right to pass judgment on ANY image posted on this board, in any form. So the posting of other pictures of offensive or objectionable material will be removed, and could result in a Member being banned.

II – Spamming

Don't Spam!!

Don’t post in Spambot threads. Report them.

III - Flaming

When flaming of Members or Staff of this board takes place, Members may receive a warning. After such a time it will be in the discretion of the Staff as to what other actions should take place. This also applies to those who bait, or goad other Members into displaying such behavior.

This also applies to the use of racist, sexist, or any other biased slurs.

IV - Reputation complaints

Due to massive amounts of complaints about the reputation system of Bleach Exile (which will be explained further later), any complaints made will result in one-day ban. Second time will be 5 days, and a third time will result in permanent ban. An official thread on the system has been made, where all questions regarding this topic belong.

Furthermore, all comments about negative reps received may only be posted in the “Respond to your Neg Rep” thread, found in the Spam section of the forum.

Please note: Complaining about users not leaving a name in the reps they leave (even in the Neg Rep thread), or signing a name other than your own in the reps you leave, may also result in a ban.

V - Divisions

Members may belong to as many divisions as they are accepted in after applying.

About Banning, & Unbanning

The length of a ban can span any where from 24 hours, to forever. This is left to the discretion of the Staff Members, based on the actions of the Member in question. Each time a Member must be banned, the time period will increase.

When a Member is banned, if they return by registering a new account, and/or by using another Member's account it will result in the Member being re-banned permanently. This will also result in the permanent banning of the Member's account that was used to gain access to the board.

Members that are banned, and wish to return should contact Dyne, or post in the Court near the bottom of the forum. When contacted the matter will be brought up for discussion with the Staff of the board, and if they feel the Member deserves a second chance they will be unbanned.

General Board Guidelines:

I - English Only Forum

Threads and posts of this board should only be posted by Members in English. We are aware that we have many Members from many different places but, we can not moderate what we can not read.
Actions regarding this will be left to the discretion of the Staff of this forum.

II - Post On Topic

Please post threads in the appropriate forums. If unsure where to post a thread, take a moment to read the forum descriptions.

If a post is off topic, the thread will be moved [redirect messages will be left to avoid confusion].

III - Illegal Threads

The discussion and/or description of the use, distribution, acquiring, and/or synthesis of control substances is prohibited on this board.

This is NOT the place for people to be promoting drug use. When it is seen, it will be removed and the Member posting it will be warned. If a Member must repeatedly be warn, further actions will be taken.

IV - Closing of Threads

Threads can be closed if a Staff Member feels they have gone off topic, have become nothing but flaming, is against the rules of this board, pointless, or for any reason feels it is inappropriate.

V - About Moderators

The Administrators of this board reserve the right to handle all Moderator issues, and complaints privately.

Please do not ask for information pertaining to these matters, or assume because none is seen that no action has been taken.

Do not ask to be a Moderator. If and when we need to hire a new Moderator, the Admins will contact the Members we wish to bring on staff.

VI - Sexual Content:

Be aware that the rule on posting of sexual content does not just apply to images/attachments. This is an all age’s site, so keep it PG-13 in your discussions.

VII - Posting of Private/Personal Information

The posting of private/personal contact information of a person's not your own is strictly prohibited on this board. The posting of threads to promote the distribution of this information, is also strictly prohibited.

Please exercise some common sense when posting personal/private information of any kind of the internet. It is not wise to do such things, and could lead to many issues if done.

VIII - Spoiler Tag

Please add spoiler tags to the posts with spoilers and page-stretching images when necessary.

IX - Pruning, and Board Maintance

There is a 45 day pruning period to all attachments uploaded to the board. Regardless of if the thread containing the attachments is pruned or not.

The Staff of this board reserves the right to at any time change, amend, and/or implement new rules. It will be posted but as stated earlier it is not our responsibility to make sure that you have read the rules. It is suggested that all users read new announcements to be informed of any changes.

Any questions can be posted in the Question forum, or a Member can contact the Staff of the forum.

IX – Fanclub Rules

You cannot own anymore than three fanclubs. Fanclub Banners should be no more than 128x50 pixels.

Any spam posts in fanclubs will be deleted and or infracted. This includes not talking about the fanclub subject and or welcoming new members without mentioning said topic.

Contact Info:

--- Administrators ---

Dyne- PM on Board
Joji- PM on Board
RJ- PM on Board
Aya- PM on Board

--- Super Moderators ---

seiftis- PM on Board
Paragon- PM on Board
fractal- PM on Board
DK- PM on Board
Savage- PM on Board
ElariusPM on Board
--- Global Moderators ---

All Admins and Mods can be reached by email, through their User Profiles.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


The forum is growing and we have many new members that have joined who are not wise to the workings of a forum. So, the staff has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully cover all areas in which new members may have problems. If you have a question that has not been covered in this FAQ or in the Rules, please feel free to PM an Admin or Mod, and we will gladly answer your question.

Bleach Exile FAQ:

Q) Where can I find the Rules to the Forum?
A) You are in them silly! Scroll to the top of the page.

Q) I am new to the forum. Where can I post a thread introducing myself?
A) All introduction threads are posted in the NoOb Lounge.

Q) Okay, then, how do I create a new Thread?
A) To create a new thread, first choose what section you would like to create the Thread in by clicking on the name of the area listed in BOLD letters. (IE: NoOb Lounge). Second: at the top left hand side, above the Announcements (which you should have already read) you will see a button “New Thread”. Click this button and a window will appear. Here you will give a Title to your thread and compose your introduction. When you have finished, click the “Submit New Thread” button at the bottom of the window.

Q) I‘ve come to report a problem on the main site, where do I go?
If you just wish to report a problem with a download, please do so here. If there is a problem concerning an issue other than Downloads, you may report it in the Help!! Forum. A member of Staff will look into the issue.

Q) I created a post and then added another right after. It was deleted and called a double post. What is this?
A)It is understandable that lag will sometimes get the best of us. If you find that you have double posted by mistake, simply go to one of your posts and click “edit” in the bottom of that post, this will bring up a new text field with buttons at the bottom. Click “delete”. A drop down will appear. Click the circle to “delete message”, enter a reason if you so choose, and then click “delete message” button next to the text field where you entered your reason.

Q) Can I change content in a post I have already submitted?
A) Yes, simply go to the post you wish to change, click on the “edit” button. The text field will appear and you can change the content. Click “save” when you are finished.

Q) I created two posts in a row on a thread but it was days apart. The Mods/Admins deleted my posts. Why?
A) In most cases this is considered SPAM. We encourage members to avoid creating two posts in a row. In the art/fanfic or graphics areas it is often allowed if there is new artwork added to the thread and there was no comments were made after the last post was created. If you are caught double posting on purpose and with out good reason, the post will be deleted and the member will be warned. If it continues, you may be banned. It is up to the Mods and Admins to decide.

Q) I don’t like the user name I created, can I change it?
A) If for whatever reason you don’t like your username, the Admins’ can change if for you. There is no need to open a new account with a different name. This will only get you banned for creating multiple accounts.

Q) How do I upload an avatar?
A) To upload an avatar or avy (as many call it) you will need to go to your “User CP”. This can be found in the tool bar at the top of the forum. Once in the CP you will have an option on the left-hand side under Control Panel that says “Edit Avatar”. Click here and a new window will appear. You have two options from this point. A) you can upload a saved image from your computer by using the Browse button or B) you can enter the url of the site that you wish to link your image from. Word of advice, just upload the image from your computer, it is much easier… Remember that you need to stay within the size requirements. The total size of the avi can only be 976.6k though most are much smaller. Image appearance for an avi is NORMALLY 100x100 pixels but it can be bigger. We like to encourage that you don’t go too much bigger because it makes it difficult to load pages when your images are large, so keep that in mind.

Q) How do I upload an animated Avatar?
A) You will load it the same as a normal avatar. If you have problems with it loading, be sure that it fits the size requirements for avatars.

Q) How do I put an image in my signature?

A) To upload signatures/banners/images you are first going to need to become a member of an image hosting site if you are not already. Once you are member you will need to upload any images you wish to share on the forum. No images other than the avatar can be shared from your computer.
These two sites are easy to use and have quite a bit of storage space available. Now, you will need to go to the User CP again. Once here, in the left-hand side under Control Panel you will see “Edit Signature”. This will bring up your current sig (which is nothing at the moment) and a text box. Open up your image hosting site and copy the Imaged Coded link for the image you wish to use. Basically it will look something like this: ["IMG"]http://blahblah.jpg[/"IMG"] (minus the " " around the text). Now paste this information in the text box. Ensure that you have the Image tags before and after the link otherwise the image will not show and you will be have nothing but text in the box. Once you have what you want, click “Preview Signature” if you would like to see what the finished product will look like (If you have created your image tags properly you will see your image). If you are satisfied, click save and WHA~LA! You have a signature.

Q) All I have is text in my sig, what is wrong?
A) Check to ensure your [img] [/img] tags are correct and in the proper places. Second, check to make sure you copied the link correctly. Third, ensure you are within the sig size limits. If you still have a problem, PM an Admin or Mod.

Q) How can I make Spoiler boxes?
A) To put an image or text in a spoiler box you are going to put tags around it the same way you would if you were posting an image. You can either use the spoiler button (the box with SP) in advance post mode, or use the following tag,
HTML Code:
Q) How do I send a Private Message (PM)?
A) A private message can be sent to any member of the forum that has private messages enabled. You can do it two ways: One, find a post made by the member you wish to PM and click on the name. A drop down menu will appear, select Send a Private Message. The Send New Private Message window will appear. Type your message and click Submit Message when you are done.
The Second way is to find the user in the Members List, click on the name to view the profile and you will find the option under Contact info on the right next to Forum Info.
*Note* If the user you are trying to PM does not accept private messages you will not get the options to send one.

Q) How do I view PM’s sent to me?
A) In the User Control Panel, click on List Messages. This will bring up all of your messages received/sent.

Q) I can’t send/ receive messages.
A) Your inbox is likely full. Delete some messages. You will need to empty out the “Send Messages” file too. You can change between the inbox and sent by clicking on the dropdown arrow under the colored bar in your Folder Controls. If that didn’t correct the problem ensure you have pm’s enabled by going to the User Options in the control panel and make sure the box is checked next to “Enable Private Messaging”

Q) Why do some people have different colors names and can I have a different color?
A) No, the only people who have different color names are the forum staff (Admins, S.Mods, G.Mods, and normal Mods). Normal users will not have different color names.

Q) How do I join a Fan Club?
A) To join a Fan Club simply post in the thread of the fan club you would like to join and request membership. Usually, all the information you need to know will be posted on the first page. It is strictly up to the owner of the fan club as to whether or not they will accept you.

Q) I want to add the Fan Club Banner to my sig. How do I do it?
A) You will add a banner the same way you add any image to your sig. Please be sure to save the image to your own image host site not by using the creators. It is not polite to use their links and you don’t want to lose the image should they delete it from their host site.

Q) Can I create a Fan Club?

A) Yes, you can create a fan club IF there isn’t one that already exists for your topic. Browse through the ENTIRE Fan Club section prior to creating a new Fan Club to be sure that there is not one already there.

Q) How many fan clubs can I create?
A) Any member can create up to THREE Fan Clubs. You can be a member of as many Fan Clubs as you want.

Q) How do I join a Division?
A) To join a Division you will need to go to the User CP section of the Forum. Here, under "Social Groups", you can apply for the desired division. Many of the Divisions have requirements that you will need to meet prior to joining. If you are unsure of the requirements PM the Division Commander or Vice Commander.

Q) Can I become a Commander of a Division?

A) If you have the required post counts (3000 posts) you can open a Division if there is one available.

Q) Why do older members seem to look down on new members?
A) You will often find that some members will give new members (noobs) a hard time. This is likely a case with many forums. To avoid this, try being active, post worth while comments, get along with other members, and follow the rules of the Forum. Take into consideration what you are posting and why. This will lead to becoming a respected member of the forum.

Q) What is rep and what does it do?
A) Reputation can be given by any member to any member. Rep is given in conjunction with a post you have made. The type of rep you receive will depend on what was posted and whether the Repper agrees or doesn’t agree with what you posted: Go here to read more.

Q) What is rank? And when do I get the next rank?
A) Rank is determined by post count. Dyne created the rank system and titles that accompany each “promotion”. To see what the ranks are go Here

Q) How do you get those cool sayings under your user name?

A) These are custom user titles and only 1337 members get them….just kidding. Go to the User CP, Edit profile. Here you can create a custom title if you so chose. You can also edit any other profile information such as, Gender, location, hobbies and occupation.
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