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mike_borralho 10-28-2011 01:30 AM

Big Bad 4 Guys
After reading some posts i got curious and wanted to know what you guys think about it:
what are the main goals for each one of the following:
- Madara
- Tobi
- Kabuto
- Sasuke

Sasuke's goal is to erase Konoha and restore the Uchiha clan after that (i believe i'm not wrong on this one);

Kabuto wants Sasuke, but for what end? was he being honest with Tobi, saying that he needed a living Uchiha to learn some more stuff? or does he simply want revenge? maybe a little bit of both, and now with Madara as his pawn he may set his goals a little higher..?

Tobi. He already said that his plan is the Moon eye thing, connecting everything and everyone with infinite Tsukyomi but is he telling the truth? i don't know why but i kinda see Tobi backstabbing Madara or his plan (depending on who Tobi really is);

Madara. What is the plan he was talking about? Some of it was certainly being revived by Geddo rinne tensei (?) (rinnegan jutsu), but what does he want to achieve? Uniting the 6 paths of the SO6P? He already has the Uchiha and Senju, so that leaves him with only 2 of the paths.. right?
One more thing that has been bugging me, does Madara know that the Uchiha Clan was wiped out? by two of their own men?

The thing is, i can see the balance of power going for the "evil" side with this 4, and only a few of the good guys can match against them but even so they will be overpowered.. that said i would like to see a clash among this 4 to even things out. by now we now that Itachi is going after Kabuto and is aiming to finish Edo tensei (and he will do it) which leaves us with 3 major evil dudes..

Your thoughts? :blink:

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