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thats effin' awesome. Very well done.
± Jūichibantai Taichō ±

Founder of
The Master ZanSmith Clan & The Zanpakutō Guild

My Zanpakutō:
端ささやき - Hana Sasayaki - Edge Whisper
Zanpakutō fighting style: 忍術 - Ninjutsu

Inner World:

A perpetual full moon night with an under developed terrain; spotted with flowered trees and sparse shrubbery. There is a constant casual breeze felt at all times, always rising and falling. As if by mirage, a 7-story pagoda vaporizes into view at the will of my zanpakutō. It is his dojo. In this world undisturbed is no sound, save the wind and his whisperings.
Sasayaki Enshi's TRUE FORM
the book contains his secret art form and is written in his language.

Before I learned his name, Hana Sasayaki rendered hallucinations of his realm and shadowed figure. At first terrified, I mistook his figure as Death himself seeking combat. To stand in his presence took my very breath and his gaze made movement arduous. While training, randomly he'd draw me into my inner world. At the point we parried in combat, my breath waned as his faint whispers fell upon my ears. This we did for a time until I strengthened and was able to make out his words... Hana Sasayaki.

Communication in its early stages was only achieved with a careful ear. Hana Sasayaki finds the lack of light tranquil... nonetheless, incandescent shadow is his most comfortable environment.

By moonlight, he reads and scribes his secret art form in a book engraved with his shuriken.
端ささやき 六尺棒 & 車剣 - Hana Sasayaki Rokushakubō & Rokukurumaken
(Edge Whisper Six Shaku Staff w/ Six Shuriken)

Fighting style: 棒術 & 手裏剣術 - Bōjutsu & Shurikenjutsu
(staff & throwing technique)

length: 6 ft (1.82 m)
thickness: 1.5 inches (3.81 cm)
weight: 12.5 lbs

Each metal link and shuriken is encased with black Sekkiseki stone, the purest & rarest of this stone ever to be found. Notice: It is the nature of black Sekkiseki stone to drain reiatsu. My spirit pressure is only concealed by this; as it was chiseled & reiatsu blasted by my own reiatsu during my reclusive training deep within the Sekkiseki mines as I called upon it for the first time). Still under investigation by The Shinigami Research Institute of Technology... it is yet to be determined if it is to be officially labeled as strength or kidō based. However, it is clear that Hana Sasayaki is one of the rarest of zanpakutō, and appears to be equally balanced by both power and ability. Unlike any other zanpakuto ever documented in record before, it is made entirely of tamahagane. Though the encasing in its rare stone provides some rigidity, the interlocking links allow for a generous amount of flexibility. Note: The shuriken bag is worn concealed within my belt.
Shikai Form I
Release command: 慈悲無し、妥協無し、端ささやき
(Jihi nashi, dakyou nashi, Hana Sasayaki)
(There is no mercy, There is no compromise, Edge Whisper)

(Yes, at the base of the blade is: 端ささやき (Hana Sasayaki - Edge Whisper)

Fighting style: 体術, 手裏剣術 - Wushu Taijutsu & Shurikenjutsu
(close quarter & throwing technique)

In shikai's first form, opposite of tradition, Hana Sasayaki takes the form of a katana along with its 車剣 - Rokurumaken (round shuriken). Notwithstanding, it is worn in the traditional tachi of the ninjutsu, having its saya placed on my back, wrapped intricately into my Wushu Gi (custom sleeveless ninja uniform).

My zanpakutō's substance is the absence of light and sound. This gives me a shadow step that could go almost undetected by captain level. Truly, in broad daylight, you may sense me, but you more than likely won't see me until its nigh too late. Notice: Hana Sasayaki's blade has taken on the color and reiatsu draining characteristics of the black Sekkiseki stone.

Added bonus is the technique:
1.)来る端のささやき (Kuru, hana no sasayaki - It comes, whisper of the edge...)
Which is largly due to my increased speed; this is actually zanjutsu crossbred with shunpo technique. Its speed is so absolute, that it is quite often unseen by slower opponents, and this renders the attack almost completely silent. To an opponent approaching my speed level, this would give my zanpakutō the ability to appear as 10 vaporous swords trailing in one swipe. (If my opponent is even fast enough to see that...) Its motivation is to eliminate the threat immediately; whether by maiming or fatality. Though the sound mimics the faintest whisper when swiped through the air, any interference in its path of motion from another reiatsu weapon causes a violet spark at the instant the weapons contact. Instantaneously, during this very brief moment, Hana Sasayaki samples reiatsu from the opponent's zanpakutō. While this is not draining to the opponent's zan, it allows me to quantify the battle. Only brief contact is advised. (When cut, the opponent finds Hana Sasayaki not only draws blood; but is also stifling, making it more and more difficult to breath.)
Shikai Form II
Release command: 無敵で静粛なる恐怖の影、端ささやき!
(Muteki de seishuku naru kyoufu no kage, Hana Sasayaki)
(Shadow of the invincible, silent fear, Edge Whisper)

段平 Danbira (Japanese broadsword) & 車剣 - Rokurumaken (round shuriken)
24" black Sekkiseki blade
4" wide at largest point
Futasujibi (dual ridged shinogi)
12" black Sekkiseki tsuka

Fighting style: 体術, 手裏剣術 - Wushu Taijutsu & Shurikenjutsu

My close quarter combat "Wushu Taijutsu" though resembling, is much different from "recognized" kungfu. Heavily accented by effortless ninjutsu movements, this is truly a self interpreted, customized style.

Current reiatsu level now triples in preparation for the next stage. Notice: I have included its intermediate appearance so you observe that Hana Sasayaki does not loose its reiatsu draining black Sekkisekki blade. In this form, as you see, the blade has materialized into vapor; yet it still cuts as if completely whole. Accompanied by increased reach, it has the fluidity of a free floating vapor. I am able to attack at will from every side so long as its vapor is visible. Even when an opponent has the ability to move the air and/or create wind, Hana Sasayaki still drains as it is suffocating to the opponent's reiatsu when breathed in through the air.

Currently I have a total of 3 techniques:

1.)来る、端のささやき (Kuru, hana no sasayaki - It comes, whisper of the edge.)

2.)話せ、端ささやき (Hanase, Hana Sasayaki - Speak, Edge Whisper)
This command spells the end as Hana Sasayaki actually whispers audibly and can be literally heard on the battlefield saying: "総全滅" (Kaijin - Total Annihilation). This causes all vapors to lift the opponent's body, binding them near motionless as they seem to be engulfed in dark violet (almost black) vaporous fire. While all Hana Sasayaki's vapors are gathered in one place, the opponent struggles not to be stiffled by Hana Sasayaki's absorbance of their reiatsu. This technique enables me to perform Kaijin - Total Annihilation, a 177 count mid-air hit & hold combo that cuts, punches, kicks, and throws my signature "" shuriken. (I know what you're thinking, but remember, Hana Sasayaki is an all around zanpakutō having both power & kidou. Notwithstanding, it is also a vapor as well; capable of being suspended in mid-air.) (These characteristics give me the gift of airborne combat before Bankai is even initiated). This move uninterrupted spans about 15 seconds. Each calculated move is part of a disciplined equation in attempt to disrupt and disorient the opponent's ki channels (reiastu flow), all the while releasing my own which causes violet lightning to spit the sky during the length of the attack. (this pic of the sky during Kaijin - Total Annihilation shows the potential when executed in bankai)

The ending blow is a most powerful roundhouse kick to the earth that I can substitute whispering (usually taunting in the opponents ear...) BANKAI.
3.)ばんじんで闇が動く、 暗錯覚(Banjin de yami ga ugoku, Kuragari Sakkaku)
(Darkness moves on the face of the deep, Dark Hallucination)
This attack actually is a precursor for Bankai and is optimal when followed by Hana Sasayaki's final release. It causes the opponent to enter 暗錯覚 - Kuragari Sakkaku (Darkness Hallucination), a mental illusion which enables me to attack their mind's will... literally.

This delusional monochrome dimension is a dark dessert without a moon. Yet, it is not without light.... this "perceived" light is actually a deception within itself... the ground is glowing and has the same characteristics as the black Sekkiseki stone feverishly zapping reiatsu with every step. By brute force mentally, it allows me to create a state of extreme mental confusion; and is completely invisible and undetected by any onlooker outside of the battle. Truly to the beholder, the fight would seem to progress without consequence to this technique, save the possible mental detachment the opponent may have during its execution. An unaccustomed or unaware opponent would find this quite perplexing and confounding to mid-combat progression. Stemming from mental management of reiatsu control; any injuries accepted as real during the struggle blacking out under the spell of Edge Whisper's Kuragari Sakkaku, result in actual physical wounds in reality... and you must defend yourself appropriately.
BANKAI 致命的なささやく呼吸 - Sasayaki Enshi
(Suffocating Whisper of Death)

I still retain my Rokurumaken shuriken and all techniques, intensified in bankai as afore mentioned, but with added characteristics: Reiatsu roars up a crushing 8x as I release a sizable amount of my spirit's pressure and the entire surrounding area (1/4 mile radius) is blacked out into total darkness. The only light is the vapor from Sasayaki Enshi. Which once appeared black, now in darkness shows as violet smoke, painting a huge silhouette of his face.

Behold the FINAL LEVEL, 致命的なささやく呼吸(Sasayaki Enshi - Suffocating Whisper of Death.) Bankai pushes the envelope as my form smokes as well. Through Sasayaki Enshi's abilities I am now able to materialize into vapor mid-fight at any given time I choose. This is usually during shadow step, and may be implemented as an evasive maneuver if attacks are unavoidable and seen prior to contact. (logically speaking, the condition is that there is a way of escape, otherwise, vaporization is useless)

牽引 アウト 其の 残滓 之 生命
(Kenin Auto Sono Zanshi no Seimei - Draw out the dregs of life...)
Now hooded, I shroud my face in shadow. Chanting in the lowest whisper, I condense Hana Sasayaki's vapor through hand moves from the obscure ninjutsu arts:

"無言 中 其の 影, 其の 声 わ 敵わない 御座る 拝聞 牽引 アウト 其の 残滓 之 生命"
("Mugon Naka Sono Kage, Sono Koe wa Kanawanai Gozaru Haibun...
Kenin Auto Sono Zanshi no Seimei")
("Silence in the shadows, The voice that cannot be heard...
draw out the dregs of life.")

I manipulate the vapors to enter the oxygen pathways of my opponent's body. (the ears, mouth, nose, & eyes). Although for this attack it doesn't cut, Hana Sasayaki has always drained reiatsu and breath. It still does now, depleting the life force of the opponent. Causing the respiratory tract to begin to fail, the heart struggles not succumb to arrest. The lungs begin to rupture at worst to the point of hemorrhage. Slowly, as life departs the opponent, the last sense that leaves is ability to hear. At which Sasayaki Enshi reverberates from within, whispering departure saying: 生命 ざり たった 蒸気 サヨナラ (Seimei Zari Tatta Jouki, Sayonara..." - "life is but a vapor, goodbye..."

Any disturbance while performing this nullifies its effect further. Someone of ample level could definitely combat it, but their condition thereafter would be questionable.

Sasayaki Enshi's Vizard Mask exposes the blackness of my soul yet it completely harnesses Sasayaki's vapors. All of Enshi's techniques and abilities are amplified by being augmented by hollowfication. Both Cero and Bala techniques have been added, in addition to my hollow's own creative interpretation of Sasayaki's martial style.
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super win. I just faved and put you under my watch in da.


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That's amazing, i saw this a while ago but didn't know it was you. One of my favorite pieces of fanart.
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OP's skills are superb. Any similar works?
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I love it, I wish I had drawing skills
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need a cold shower.

Badass props to Maszrum for the epic sig!

Originally Posted by kisuke55 View Post
and kubo is a legendary writer,who always finds a way too make bleach more awesome.
the intracate planning he does for each arc and character is amazing.maybe your to busy trolling to notice

PUMPKINS shizzle:


STFU Aizen.

Current RPs:

Current Project: Norse-esque Shounen based prose serialization
Pumpkin's Gallery; Sketches 'n' shizzle
SIG UPDATE: 28-3-10

Coupla things:
-Credit for the AMAZINGLY UBER original sig picture goes to Wen JR at Deviant Art.
-Credit for the original Avatar picture goes to Jeko22 at Deviant Art.
-Credit for the original Yama FC picture goes to Maurko at Deviant Art.

Pumpkin's Top Ten Characters (plus worthy mentions):

Special winners:
- Love (shikai and mask Oni ogre combo)
- Shunsui (for shutting up all those whiny bitches that said he was a weakling after getting hit by starks cero, and having possibly one of the most awesome epic shikai abilities ever).

1. Yama - badass just don't get more badassed that this. SACRIFICIAL KIDOU IS FOR THE HARDCORE.

Opening the gap more and more lol DOUBLE BONE POW

2. Isshin - STFU AIZEN. WIN.
3. Unohana - likely the second strongest captain, we have still to see her shine.
4. Stark - calm, even lazy, but still apparently very badass
5. Hisagi - he just looks lethal, and then of course there's kazeshini that looks immense.
6. Yoruichi - still haven't seen all she has to over yet and she's freaking hawt too.
7. Urahara - laid back but kinda freaky at times too, looking forward to his major fight
8. Shinji - SAKANADE
9. Tessai - My red mage blocks your attack with an #80 danku and returns fire with a flawless #99 Kin. WTFPWNAGE magic stylie.
10. Uqluiorra - JUST manages to creep onto this list purely because of this:

Worthy Mention:
Zommari - I like his release, it is of course THE GREAT PUMPKIN, second of course only to myself in all of Pumpkindom.
Loli + Menoli - dunno... i think it would be so much better for all of us if they quit their bitching and filled each others mouths with their tongues. Or maybe not their mouths...
WONDERWICE: simply for being so fucking badass.


Hinata Awesomeness...



Bleach FCs

Other FCs:

Name: Museimaru (Voiceless Circle)

Spirit Description: A giant Oak tree standing atop the peak of a mountain (the rest of the inner world is made up of this mountain and the surrounding mountain range). It appears to be on permanently on fire but it is not in fact burning. The personality of the spirit is often calm, however he tends to push Mai onwards, trying to get her to fight against her naturally submissive disposition. He reprimands her when she is not forceful or confident enough to engage or act immediately, yet while advocating immediacy he is by no means a hot-head, ironically considering his boughs are always aflame. He enjoys the serenity of his mountain valley surroundings, as well as listening to birdsong and the feint sound of running spring water. He dislikes raucus noises and disjointed rhythms, wether it be in sound or sight, eg experimental music or abstract art unless it has a linking motif throughout.

Muesimaru, similar to Yama-iji's staff, does not take the form of a sword when sealed, instead it takes that of a shamisen, a three stringed guitar like traditional japanese instrument. This is however incredibly strong, and can, against lesser opponents or other sealed pre-shikai zanpakutou be used to defend or block against their blades.


Museimaru changes into an elegant Jumonji-yari with engravings down the length of the shaft, which broadens slightly at the opposite end of the blades to form a balance weight to their slightly oversized nature.

Command: Shizukesa "Hush"

Latent: Upon releasing Museimaru seals/ steals the voices of those within the surrounding area making any further releases or kidou impossible. Shikai may be possible to release if the user can release without having to say the command. This is in effect until Museimaru is resealed.
Latent: Museimaru emits supersonic and subsonic soundwaves within a close range. Even if Museimaru is blocked or misses its target these soundwaves can cause dizzyness, nausea, sickness or against much lower levels even hemorhaging.
Named: Reikonkaku "Soul Divide" Fires a sub audio sound wave of vibrating molecules and particles at opponent which can bludgeon or micro shred opponent depending on wether its subsonic or supersonic. It appears similar to a getsuga tenshou only as shimmering air and sounds similar to the sound that sonido makes, only extended. It can be dodged and blocked or redirected to an extent but simply placing ones sword, hand or firing a cero through it will not be sufficient.

Bankai Issei no Ni-ju-ichi Kinsenken, (Voice of Twentyone Heartstring Blades)

Activation Phrase: "Bankai"
Appearance: Her appearence changes quite radically, taking on that of a Geisha, however she is almost entirely adorned in black. Her hair falls to her feet in torrents, straight and sleek, although it is put up slightly in an ornate fashion using ivory hair combs, clips, broaches and needles. Her skin is white, and where her lips would be painted red they are black, as are her eyelids and the rest of the makeup along with her nails. Whilst not initially stunning before bankai, she is now breathtaking. She is barefoot although its impossible to tell under the multiple cascading folds of her black kimono.
The new form of Museimaru is initially out of site as it is behind her.
It now takes the form of a giant ivory Guzheng. When she wishes to play it floats out and up to waist height on invisible supports of reiatsu. The 21 strings are made out of pure reiatsu and if snapped can be reformed.

From playing it she can cast out super-sonic sound waves which can shred or bludgeon at the opponent. She can use the extreme opposite of the sound range (in the sub-audio region on this guzheng, its no ordinary one) in a defensive manner, so treble=attack and bass=defensive. The soundwaves are visible in the form of shimmering purple and black streaks. These waves are quite similar to her base level Reikonkaku, however she can fire them from the Guzheng at will and multiple attacks at once, and they are much more powerful and can be directed through the air, as well as having a purple tinge to them.
For an idea of how this would be used in battle... heres what the idea is based upon:
Unlike the Harpist's attacks, the soundwaves are more immaterial, ie. they can be deflected (as all soundwaves can but only to an extent as these soundwaves have massive amounts of reiatsu behind them) and dodged but it would take more than an unreleased zan to block it and even perhaps a melee zan in shikai, as they'll pass straight by, as they consist of billions of super high frequency vibrating molecules.

If her defenses are bypassed somehow then she can resort to using the reiatsu strings as microfilament razor wires, wielding them from her fingers (ala Walter from Hellsing, or Yashamaru from Basilisk). As they are made of highly concentrated reiatsu she can add to them making them longer at will. They are highly apt at tangling bladed weapons in.
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Bankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond reputeBankai - Ichigo has a reputation beyond repute

That Nel fanart is amazingly well-done, as others have said. Seriously, mad skillz (just had to do that). [I"m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I'm on DeviantART, too, just messed up on the name--I wanted to have the same one as on Lucid, "DragonOsman2," but I ended up adding a B before the N by accident, so it's "DragonOsmabn2". Osman is my real name, for anyone who didn't know yet.]

I'm better at drawing and painting by hand than on Photoshop (had four years of Art class in the US). On Photoshop, my skill is limited at taking renders and changing them up to make a Sig. And I'm struggling even with just that. So I really can appreciate artworks done with Photoshop with such mastery and skill. It's truly amazing.
Anime-streaming site, KissAnime. This link is for referral to High School DxD BoRN, by the way; you can find other anime on there as well, of course.

Click this Spoiler Tag to see (the rest of) my Stuff!

Bankai - Ichigo's Photobucket--click to see it!

In this spoiler tag are my three Sig banners that I had made by other people, and their names are in the spoiler tag [I've been experimenting with Photoshop, so my work is there as well now] (first Spoiler Tag is for Bleach, and the second one is for other series):

Signatures by me, Seikaeku, Mobius, JadorOnizuka, Cmc 42, Goroth, MMZ, KingtheKing, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, notorious UZIMAKI, and Razvan Asakura, respectively (the very first four are my own work, as well as the purple Yoruichi Sig and the Yoruichi Sig with her in partial cat form).
Air Gear:
Tenjou Tenge:
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d's:

Signatures by me, Emperor Tomato Ketchup and SonPan (the YGO 5d's one is from SonPan and the Air Gear ones are my own work; the Natsume Maya Sig (Tenjou Tenge) is also my own work).

Wanna Learn Something? Here are some quotes in the spoiler tag that you guys may want to look at; they're awesome quotes with great descriptions, you might actually learn something!
"Life is a game; if you don't have the skills, you won't succeed."

As Zei's Sig used to say, "The Bankai doesn't make the person, the person makes the Bankai".

"You can't have everything done your way; otherwise, you'll just become arrogant."
--Me. This ties in with the thing about nobles: nobles basically get everything they want, and when they don't get something they wanted, they think things like "How could this have happened?!" or "I'm supposed to be the center of everything; the world revolves around me!" But hey, we know that the world revolves around the sun, so that kind of thinking is just wrong; and that, my friends, is what being arrogant is like. Nobles that are arrogant also tend to think that commoners always mean them harm; either that or they just want to "wound their pride". But of course, there are some nobles that are good hearted and actually care about the part of society that aren't nobles--since this is about the Bleach anime/manga series, I'll use two examples of this type of noble person from the Bleach series: Yoruichi (of course, I mean c'mon! She is a princess, but does she care about rank?! No, she doesn't!) Example 2: Ukitake.

OK, now this one I learned from life: "Life isn't fair; don't fret or worry too much if you don't get a certain thing you wanted, or if something isn't done how you hoped or wanted it to".

"When asking a question, remember what the what the question was to be able to answer it." Means that when you are asking a question, you should always remember what the question was to answer it.

"Looks can be deceiving--don't always go by what you think is the truth based on how things appear (to the eyes)."

"No one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes."
- Of course it's a cliche (spelling?) saying, but it's still a damn good one.

"Don't believe half of what you hear and don't always believe everything you see."
-Another cliche saying, but this one is also a damn good one.

As Notorious Uzimaki quoted Gandhi in the 3rd Division, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony". [Uzimaki's explanation of the quote: "too often not the case, rationalizing mis-actions, cognitive dissonance. i always try to remind myself of this quote in difficult situations."

Division I am in:

Member of:
[Avatar: The Last Airbender FC (FC is inactive, and there's no working banner atm, either.]

Owner Of:

Co-Owner Of
My Zanpakutō:
Name: Kokuraimaru [黒雷丸 (Dark Lightning)]
Type: Lightning/Electricity

Realm and Spirit:
The Realm of Kokuraimaru is a huge, wide, endless plain covered with countless craters, gashes, and burn-marks, while also being shrouded in darkness, as it is always nighttime there. There is a faint, eerie glow however, due to there being a group of extremely dense storm clouds present in the sky, from which high voltage lightning comes out to scorch the ground. There are also strong and violent gales that constantly blow in this inner world.

The storm clouds almost always have in them thunderstorms that have black lightning with a dark-blue outline. That black lightning within the inner world is itself Kokuraimaru. He is everywhere within this realm, as an almost omnipresent being.

As he is made purely of lightning, he is actually able to take virtually any form he wants (note: this ability does not translate into Shikai or Bankai; it is Kokuraimaru's ability alone). Whenever I go into my inner world outside of Bankai, Kokuraimaru would take his lightning form out of the other places and present most of it in front of me temporarily in the form of free-flowing lightning (for the amount of time that I am in the inner world).

He was not always a Zanpakutō Spirit. Originally, he was Raijin, the Japanese Shinto god of storms, thunder and lightning. He "died" and later reincarnated as my Zanpakutō with some help from Ouetsu (creator of Zanpakutō) in the process of becoming my Zanpakutō, according to what he's told me. He has a companion wolf made of the same dark blue energy as he is, with his body wrapped in lightning. His name is Kokuraiko ([黒雷子] Dark Lightning Child) and he is an incarnation of Raijū, who is said to be a companion of Raijin in Japanese mythology and Shintoism. Whenever black thunderstorms are occurring, he gets agitated and creates trouble within this Realm. Kokuraimaru has to flex his reiatsu to calm him down. Sometimes, when that is not enough, I have to weigh in with my own reiatsu.

In character, Kokuraimaru is kind and strong-willed, but is sometimes easily angered. When we get into arguments, there are times when he tends to get a little cranky when he is unable to get the last word and/or "win" the argument. He also has a very bad habit of coming off as arrogant without meaning to, oftentimes. Kokuraiko is the same in personality as Kokuraimaru.

When we spar, he takes the form of a man wielding his Shikai sword. When I visit the inner world in Bankai, there is a noticeable change in the inner world to represent that: the complete lack of black thunderstorms due to the fact that, in Bankai, he is permanently in his "human" form, as a master swordsman Spirit that is 6ft in height, has almost no weight due to being lightning, and blue eyes and blue-black hair that reaches down to his waist, hanging loose (untied).

In his "human" form, he is dressed in a samurai get-up that is enough of a darker blue that it looks almost black, except he is barefoot. He wields the same sword I have in Bankai. The belt on the outfit is black, with the kanji for "black" on the left strap of the belt tie and the kanji for "lightning" on the right one. Kokuraimaru is ancient himself, but his "human" form looks to still be in his 20s, and is also seemingly lean and well-built. On his back, with their top sides facing forward, are three black drums with three tomoe on each of them. There are no drumsticks to go with the drums, but they are not needed as Kokuraimaru is able to beat on them with just the force of his reiatsu alone (is translated into Bankai as well; it's not that I do this with my own reiatsu, it's still Kokuraimaru (no Kenshi) himself who does). When Kokuraimaru is in this form, Kokuraiko likes to sit either on his head or on his right shoulder.

Sealed Form: A daicho (Japanese long sword). The hilt of the sword is dark blue, 5 inches long with a black ray-skin under the hilt-wrapping. The cross-guard is circular, with a picture of multiple lightning bolts engraved into it. The blade of the sword is 8 inches long, coming out of a black collar. In the middle of the blade are inscribed two symbols; one being that of Raijū's face, and the other being that of three tomoe. The sheath is dark blue, with the kanji for "lightning" printed on the up-facing part in black color. For a reason that was unknown until Shikai, the sword doesn't seem to have much of a weight at all, and seems to require multiple slashes made at high-speed, as it doesn't have enough cutting power to deal a decisive blow in one slash.

Release Command Hikare to Shūgeki! Kokuraimaru! [光れと襲撃! 黒雷丸! (Flash and Strike! Dark Lightning!)]

Release Animation: I hold the sword in a guard stance and call out its Release Command and name. There is a loud thunder clap that can be heard, along with a flash of lightning coming from the sword, and in the next instant, the onlooker can see the following changes:

Appearance of Shikai:
Same daicho as the Sealed state, except with a 1 and a half inch longer dark blue blade coming out of a black collar, with the hilt also being one inch longer. The blade is made of electrically charged reishi that is in the form of a highly conductive metal, tampered to be extremely light (lighter than it was in Sealed State).

As the blade in Sealed State was being covered by an insulated material, the true nature of the blade was hidden and its weight was slightly increased. The Shikai sword still requires the wielder to execute multiple slashes done at high-speeds, as even though it is sharp enough to cut, it is still weaker in power than other swords but can allow for multiple slashes done at high-speeds, the damage of which accumulates to deal high amounts of cutting damage from the blade.

Abilities of Shikai:
This Zanpakutō has the power to control lightning, electricity and thunder (can create thunder as well). Whenever thunder is created, the tomoe and Raijū face symbols on the blade start to glow with a light that is a slightly lighter blue than the blade itself. When already existing thunder is controlled, only the face of the Raijū glows. The Raijū's face also glows whenever Kokuraiko is helping with the abilities to make them powerful or effective (depends on the nature of the ability).

As long as there are still protons and electrons in the surroundings within a radius of 2-3 inches from both me and the sword, the electricity on the blade will (almost) never run out.

Due to the make-up of the blade, when it cuts the opponent, it also delivers a ticklish-type shock.

Ability 1: Kokuraigeki [黒雷打] (Black Lightning Strike): When I want to use this ability, I have the electricity on the blade produce a strong static charge that is discharged as lightning from the tip of the blade. The power and amount of electricity on the blade, when using this technique, can be controlled at will, so that the lightning produced can be controlled.

Immediately after having used this attack, some of the strong electric charge will be left on the blade, and before it runs out (in 3-4 seconds' time), I'm able to use that to deal a bit more of a zapping effect than normal through my melee attack(s).

Ability 2 (Passive): Raipo [雷歩] (Lightning Step): This is an ability that I have due to the light weight of the sword, as well as the focus in high-speed melee attacks. I can't use Shunpo in conjunction with this. This is a variation of Shunpo that increases my running speed by that of lightning. In Shikai, I get a speed increase of half the speed of lightning in reality, even though it's called "speed of lightning".

Ability 3 (Active): Raiken [雷剣] (Lightning Sword): Whenever there is a thunderstorm occurring near me, and I'm close enough, I can take control over some of the thunder and lightning within it. I have my sword conduct the electricity from the lightning to strike at my opponent(s) with it from the sword, or have it strike them from where it already was to begin with. I can only do this to affect thunder and lightning within a 2 and half mile radius distance of me and my sword.

Name of Bankai: Kokuraimaru no Kenshi [黒雷丸 の 剣士 (Dark Lightning the Master Swordsman)]

Release Animation for Bankai: I hold my sword with one hand, pointed towards my opponent(s), and call out the words, "Ban Kai!" An almost deafening thunder clap is heard, and both my sword and I release a powerful torrent of reiatsu that looks like black lightning with a dark blue outline. When the lightning fades and my form is once again clearly visible, the appearance of my Bankai is seen. . . .

Appearance of Bankai:
In Bankai, the Zanpakutō splits into four parts; two gloves that reach up to right below the elbows and two unarmored boots that reach up to right below the knees. The gloves and shoes are both dark blue, and are made of the same electrically charged reishi as the Shikai blade; they are further tampered with than the sword's blade so that they are flexible enough for me to have full freedom and ease of movement in the parts of my limbs that the pieces of tampered metal are on. The Bankai also gives me a shirt and belt that are similar to the ones the Spirit wears in Bankai form. The same sword from the Shikai is also present, though the power and amount of control I have is greater/augmented (explained in detail a bit later). On the arm parts of the gloves are the same tomoe symbols as the blade; the inscription of the Raijū is now complete, showing a mini picture of a whole Raijū.

On my back appear the same three drums from the Spirit description, facing forward so that the three tomoe that are on the top of each of the drums show.

In Bankai, the dark blue outline looks almost pure black. This carries on to the shoes and gloves, making them also appear to be almost pure black, and the blade is also the same color due to being practically made of the same black lightning.

Abilities of Bankai:
The same abilities from the Shikai are carried over and powered up 5x. In Bankai, the electricity on my Zanpakutō can regenerate as long as there are still protons and electrons present in the surroundings within a radius of 5 inches around both me and my sword.

The gloves and boots, as well as the sword in Bankai, work pretty much the same as the Shikai sword on how to use the lightning attacks. The power and amount of electricity on the surface of the gloves and boots/shoes, as well as on the sword can now always be controlled at will at all times, and the potential voltage and the maximum power and amount of current is 5x greater when compared to Shikai.

The range of the "Raiken" technique's influence is increased in Bankai; it is now possible to control all of the thunder and lightning within any given naturally occurring thunderstorm.

The attacks I can use with this Bankai are possible with either my blade, my hand(s), and/or my foot/feet. I can use either of those at any given time for any of my electrical or lightning type attacks.

The "Raipo" ability is now able to literally increase my running speed that I augment with my reiatsu by that of lightning. It is still impossible to use Shunpo with Raipo.

The tomoe and Raijū inscriptions act up the same way, as well as on the same occasions, as in Shikai. Kokuraiko's help in making the abilities more efficient/powerful is also a greater.

This Bankai has two additional attacks;
Attack 1: Kokuraigeki Jitai no Ni: Kuroi Arashi [黒雷打 代表 の 二: 黒嵐] (Black Lightning Strike Type 2: Black Storm): Basically, I turn existing clouds into cumulonimbus clouds through static energy build-up, then use my own spiritual energy to take control of the thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms created through this technique spread over a 6.5 mile radius around both me and the opponent in all directions (gets bigger as needed when fighting multiple opponents).

Attack 2: Kokuseiryokuhō [黒勢砲] (Dark Energy Cannon): This attack takes all of the electrons from either the sword or one of the gloves, compresses and condenses them, and then fires them at the opponent. Takes a few minutes to maybe a half an hour to regenerate all of the lost electricity.

Click Here: My Dragon Cave Scroll
Click Me>>>

Hatchery - Eggs Around the World - Eggs and Hatchlings (not mine; I'm trying to help this hatchery by doing what they asked and putting the codes into my Signature; just keep refreshing the page and the eggs/hatchlings will get refreshed/new ones will come up):

3rd Division, Represent!

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My jaw dropped. Very well done and a perfect example of a sexy halloween costume.
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That is an amazing halloween :) Very nicely done. It's the perfect character to do for this setting too!
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