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Old 05-24-2009, 09:12 AM
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Default [JOKE THREAD] Released Halibel's cero vs Base Ulquiorra's

Ulquiorra's cero vs this,Halibel's cero in released form

Strictly one post per member,no arguments unless I deem them entertaining,coz arguing about anime fights is srs bzns
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Old 05-24-2009, 10:01 AM
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well she's obviously holding back... plus if the view of the panel was more zoomed out it would probably continue on to be bigger and more epic.

Badass props to Maszrum for the epic sig!

Originally Posted by kisuke55 View Post
and kubo is a legendary writer,who always finds a way too make bleach more awesome.
the intracate planning he does for each arc and character is amazing.maybe your to busy trolling to notice

PUMPKINS shizzle:


STFU Aizen.

Current RPs:

Current Project: Norse-esque Shounen based prose serialization
Pumpkin's Gallery; Sketches 'n' shizzle
SIG UPDATE: 28-3-10

Coupla things:
-Credit for the AMAZINGLY UBER original sig picture goes to Wen JR at Deviant Art.
-Credit for the original Avatar picture goes to Jeko22 at Deviant Art.
-Credit for the original Yama FC picture goes to Maurko at Deviant Art.

Pumpkin's Top Ten Characters (plus worthy mentions):

Special winners:
- Love (shikai and mask Oni ogre combo)
- Shunsui (for shutting up all those whiny bitches that said he was a weakling after getting hit by starks cero, and having possibly one of the most awesome epic shikai abilities ever).

1. Yama - badass just don't get more badassed that this. SACRIFICIAL KIDOU IS FOR THE HARDCORE.

Opening the gap more and more lol DOUBLE BONE POW

2. Isshin - STFU AIZEN. WIN.
3. Unohana - likely the second strongest captain, we have still to see her shine.
4. Stark - calm, even lazy, but still apparently very badass
5. Hisagi - he just looks lethal, and then of course there's kazeshini that looks immense.
6. Yoruichi - still haven't seen all she has to over yet and she's freaking hawt too.
7. Urahara - laid back but kinda freaky at times too, looking forward to his major fight
8. Shinji - SAKANADE
9. Tessai - My red mage blocks your attack with an #80 danku and returns fire with a flawless #99 Kin. WTFPWNAGE magic stylie.
10. Uqluiorra - JUST manages to creep onto this list purely because of this:

Worthy Mention:
Zommari - I like his release, it is of course THE GREAT PUMPKIN, second of course only to myself in all of Pumpkindom.
Loli + Menoli - dunno... i think it would be so much better for all of us if they quit their bitching and filled each others mouths with their tongues. Or maybe not their mouths...
WONDERWICE: simply for being so fucking badass.


Hinata Awesomeness...



Bleach FCs

Other FCs:

Name: Museimaru (Voiceless Circle)

Spirit Description: A giant Oak tree standing atop the peak of a mountain (the rest of the inner world is made up of this mountain and the surrounding mountain range). It appears to be on permanently on fire but it is not in fact burning. The personality of the spirit is often calm, however he tends to push Mai onwards, trying to get her to fight against her naturally submissive disposition. He reprimands her when she is not forceful or confident enough to engage or act immediately, yet while advocating immediacy he is by no means a hot-head, ironically considering his boughs are always aflame. He enjoys the serenity of his mountain valley surroundings, as well as listening to birdsong and the feint sound of running spring water. He dislikes raucus noises and disjointed rhythms, wether it be in sound or sight, eg experimental music or abstract art unless it has a linking motif throughout.

Muesimaru, similar to Yama-iji's staff, does not take the form of a sword when sealed, instead it takes that of a shamisen, a three stringed guitar like traditional japanese instrument. This is however incredibly strong, and can, against lesser opponents or other sealed pre-shikai zanpakutou be used to defend or block against their blades.


Museimaru changes into an elegant Jumonji-yari with engravings down the length of the shaft, which broadens slightly at the opposite end of the blades to form a balance weight to their slightly oversized nature.

Command: Shizukesa "Hush"

Latent: Upon releasing Museimaru seals/ steals the voices of those within the surrounding area making any further releases or kidou impossible. Shikai may be possible to release if the user can release without having to say the command. This is in effect until Museimaru is resealed.
Latent: Museimaru emits supersonic and subsonic soundwaves within a close range. Even if Museimaru is blocked or misses its target these soundwaves can cause dizzyness, nausea, sickness or against much lower levels even hemorhaging.
Named: Reikonkaku "Soul Divide" Fires a sub audio sound wave of vibrating molecules and particles at opponent which can bludgeon or micro shred opponent depending on wether its subsonic or supersonic. It appears similar to a getsuga tenshou only as shimmering air and sounds similar to the sound that sonido makes, only extended. It can be dodged and blocked or redirected to an extent but simply placing ones sword, hand or firing a cero through it will not be sufficient.

Bankai Issei no Ni-ju-ichi Kinsenken, (Voice of Twentyone Heartstring Blades)

Activation Phrase: "Bankai"
Appearance: Her appearence changes quite radically, taking on that of a Geisha, however she is almost entirely adorned in black. Her hair falls to her feet in torrents, straight and sleek, although it is put up slightly in an ornate fashion using ivory hair combs, clips, broaches and needles. Her skin is white, and where her lips would be painted red they are black, as are her eyelids and the rest of the makeup along with her nails. Whilst not initially stunning before bankai, she is now breathtaking. She is barefoot although its impossible to tell under the multiple cascading folds of her black kimono.
The new form of Museimaru is initially out of site as it is behind her.
It now takes the form of a giant ivory Guzheng. When she wishes to play it floats out and up to waist height on invisible supports of reiatsu. The 21 strings are made out of pure reiatsu and if snapped can be reformed.

From playing it she can cast out super-sonic sound waves which can shred or bludgeon at the opponent. She can use the extreme opposite of the sound range (in the sub-audio region on this guzheng, its no ordinary one) in a defensive manner, so treble=attack and bass=defensive. The soundwaves are visible in the form of shimmering purple and black streaks. These waves are quite similar to her base level Reikonkaku, however she can fire them from the Guzheng at will and multiple attacks at once, and they are much more powerful and can be directed through the air, as well as having a purple tinge to them.
For an idea of how this would be used in battle... heres what the idea is based upon:
Unlike the Harpist's attacks, the soundwaves are more immaterial, ie. they can be deflected (as all soundwaves can but only to an extent as these soundwaves have massive amounts of reiatsu behind them) and dodged but it would take more than an unreleased zan to block it and even perhaps a melee zan in shikai, as they'll pass straight by, as they consist of billions of super high frequency vibrating molecules.

If her defenses are bypassed somehow then she can resort to using the reiatsu strings as microfilament razor wires, wielding them from her fingers (ala Walter from Hellsing, or Yashamaru from Basilisk). As they are made of highly concentrated reiatsu she can add to them making them longer at will. They are highly apt at tangling bladed weapons in.
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Old 05-24-2009, 10:23 AM
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Hally Bell has this. Why? Because KT enstilled something to Hally Bell that gathers up more fanboys than Ulquiorra's fans,

And the secret to Hally Bell's unrivaled power is:

Boobs. SRSLY.

Ulquiorra may have a good fanbase from his cool attitude and all, but Hally Bell's "secret" described above is what keeps her powers above Ulquiorra, just as KT planned, No joke.
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Old 05-24-2009, 11:09 AM
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RED★ is a splendid one to beholdRED★ is a splendid one to beholdRED★ is a splendid one to beholdRED★ is a splendid one to beholdRED★ is a splendid one to beholdRED★ is a splendid one to beholdRED★ is a splendid one to behold

This battle reminds me of possible battle between Cyclops versus Gambit in regards to blast effect.

Ulquiorra because he didn't seem to be holding back...
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Old 05-24-2009, 11:40 AM
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Harribel's cero, most assuredly.
Resident Riruka/Senna/Cirucci otaku
My RE-revised TOP 10 Bleach Fucks:
01. Yoruichi Shihouin...(Tall, dark, and super-hot sex goddess)
02. Nemu Kurotsuchi (she's sexy, she's totally submissive, and that outfit sooo gets me off)
03. Cirucci (Gothic lolita? In mah bed, nao!)
04. Lisa Yadomaru(horny little perv probably knows all kinds of kinky tricks. That and schoolgirl uniforms and chicks with glasses turn me on)
05. Soi Fon (she's badass, and that outfit's hot...Get her in a threesome with Yoruichi, keep things interesting)
06. Harribel (Dem big ol' titties, and that outfit. Resureccion form is even more fuckable)
07. Nanao Ise (What can I say, she's a babe with glasses)
08. Loly (Skanky little slut just begs for it)
09. Senna(I'll feel guilty about it later, she's just too cute not to fuck.)
10. Riruka Dokugamine
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Old 05-24-2009, 11:59 AM
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Halibel's gravity defying juggs > Ulquiorra's lip gloss


Shout out goes to Para for the sig.
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Old 05-24-2009, 12:10 PM
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What would have totally been awesome, if Halibel was able to fire a double cero from her jugs.
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Old 05-24-2009, 12:41 PM
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I'm going with Halibel = )
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Old 05-24-2009, 01:06 PM
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Halibel > Ulqiorra, it's simple.
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Old 05-24-2009, 01:19 PM
Load and locked
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McFly = using different logic in this instance.

Halibel didn't hurt Hits with her cero and Hits is weaksauce. Ulq tore Ichigo's shihakshou at least. I'll go with Ulquiorra's cero (no fanboyism here, I actually don't like him).
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